Yukons Kanati Super Chief

We have provided Labrador Retriever Stud Services from proven Field Trial and Hunting Retriever Bloodlines from the US and Canada since 1998. Chief is a typical representation of our lines, a nice, stylish, yellow with a significant amount of Black ancestors, he averages 80 to 82 pounds yet covers a lot of ground very quickly and maintains stamina when on the hunt, the kind of dog who never gives up no matter how tough the going gets on the hunt. His pedigree is laced with the BEST OF THE BEST field champions from the US and CANADA, many whom earned their FC titles at the age of 2 or 3, he is line bred on one of the top five studs of all time, FC Wilderness Harley TO Go. An AFC at 2 years of age. HEALTH CLEARANCES: Breeders interested in producing healthy offspring will appreciate Chief's health clearances. Eyes are CERF clear, he is DNA profiled and clear of PRA and RD, His Shoulders and Elbows are " NORMAL" and his hips are "Good". Thats not all though, he is also EIC AND CNM " CLEAR" by parentage and his clearances are properly documented on the OFA website. WHAT DO BREEDERS THINK, ask Jean O'Connor, Hat Creek Retrievers, Perry, GA. She has used Chief as a stud exclusively on the last four litters of pups and plans on using him again in the near future. Fresh Chilled and frozen semen available. 

Chiefs Pedigree

Chief's Pedigree