Breeding Requirements

Stud Service Agreement 

The following criterion must be met before stud dog owner agrees to provide stud services to above bitch:
  1. Must be at least two years of age.
  2. Bitch Owner must provide current copies of Hip, Elbow, Eye, EIC & CNM clearances.
  3. Be of sound, stable temperament with no history of or inclination to be quarrelsome or flightly or gunshy.
  4. Be in good health and have received an examination by a state licensed veterinarian within ten days of being shipped for breeding. The following must be provided before the breeding will take place:
    • Negative Brucellosis test within the last six months
    • Normal Vaginal Exam, preferably cytology
    • Current shot record including Rabies
    • Statement of any pertinent medical information
    • List of any medications routinely administered with specific instructions for administration (see special provisions)
    • Regular veterinarian's contact information with authorization to release information to stud dog owner/stud dog owner's veterinarian.
  5. Bitch presented for breeding must be clean, free from internal and external parasites and in good health.
  6. A copy of the bitch's AKC Registration, Pedigree, Titles & Performance Certificates, Veterinary Documents (listed above), microchip number (if available) and one photograph (copies are fine) to clearly identify the bitch for breeding.
Fresh chilled and frozen semen available.