Kendalls Labradors has provided Labrador Retriever Stud Services from proven Field Trial and Hunting Retriever Bloodlines from the US and Canada since 1998. The line was created when I imported Yukon from one of the finest Labrador breeding & training facilities in Canada, SUNDEE'S LABRADORS, established by Dennis and Brenda Robbins of Aldergrove BC Canada. Sundee Labradors was the leading school for dogs and handlers in British Columbia for many years. Their dog/handler teams placed on Canada's TOP TEN list and several times produced the #1 Retriever in Canada as well as producing the high point Retriever (DERBY) in the history of the breed at the time.


HRCH Sundee’s Yukon Jack MH QAA


Is the dog that started it all. We knew early on that Yukon was going to be a winner but we had to prove it so we participated in both hunt tests and licensed field trials to prove his intelligence, his drive and trainability. That done we still needed to know if he was a good breeder, did he throw his type, do the puppies inherit his wonderful traits and so on.

Now, 15 years later and  with more than 100 titled offspring and many great grand offspring the answer is clear. Not only does Yukon throw outstanding offspring with most any female he is bred with but his progeny also throw outstanding offspring. Thus the Line is established and proven by not only his offspring but by his grand offspring as well.  One of the best examples of this is the breeding done that produced my nice Black male, HR Yukon’s Big Boss Man.  “ Boss “ has been my go to gundog since 2005. He lives today though retired from hunting and breeding his get live on in one of our great offspring, 12xGrand Hunting Retriever Champion Big Black Dude II, MH MNH.  “ Dude” is one of the top credentialed gundogs in the United states, has been a winner of the SRS and Crown Champion Runner up in 2011, 2012, 2013.  Many of his get are also performing showing the strength of the line. Dude is but one example, there are many more.

The common denominator in all of our lines is our Matador sire, YUKON, and the proof is in his progeny.

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